Handyman Services


Handyman Services

We provide general handyman services for any need you have inside and outside of your home. Have an appliance you need installed? We can do that! Do your doors need new weather stripping? We’ve got you covered. We only use the most reliable, talented handymen to work on your home.

Here are some of the handyman services we specialize in:


Attic Ladders

Don’t pay for storage space when you can use the extra room that’s already in your home. We make it easier than ever to access your attic space by installing safe, aluminum attic ladders. We also replace old, heavy wooden ladders that can cause head injuries if they slip. With optional features like handrails, lifts, and assist poles, you’ll be safe and comfortable whenever you use your attic.

Shower Doors and Towel Racks

Shower doors look nice, and they prevent water spills if they are installed correctly. Don’t settle for a vinyl shower curtain that can turn moldy and leave water dripping onto the floor. Call 1st Choice today to ask about repairing or replacing your shower doors, or installing new ones. We also install towel racks and other bathroom fixtures.


Want to know what we can do for you?

Dryer Vents and Exhaust Fans

Good ventilation is a vital part of a healthy home environment. Clogged exhaust fans can leave bathrooms and kitchens damp and smelly, while a backed-up dryer vent poses a fire hazard. We want your home to be safe and comfortable for your enjoyment, so don’t take a chance with the air you breathe. Contact us today to come out and inspect your home’s ventilation.


Gutters – Cleaned and Repaired

Gutters are a wonderful home addition that protect your roof by giving water somewhere to go. Sometimes they can warp or rust over time, and sometimes they get so full that they no longer do their job. If your gutters could use a helping hand, we will happily give them the cleaning and repair they need. Don’t neglect them for too long, or they can actually contribute to water and structural damage to your roof. The sooner you call us, the better!

Shades, Blinds and Window Treatments

Window treatments provide another barrier between our homes and the outside temperatures, and shades and blinds offer us an additional layer of privacy. Best of all, new window treatments can really transform the look of your home and reduce your energy bills if done right. When you hire 1st Choice for your window renovation, you can be sure your window treatments will look fantastic.


Weather Stripping

Nobody wants to live in a chilly, drafty home that isn’t sealed properly against incoming rain and insects. Worn out weather stripping can cause higher energy bills because all the cold or warm air your home produces could be seeping out around the doors and windows. Let us replace your old weather stripping to keep you cozy – and keep your bills down – all year long.

Handicap Access Ramps and Safety Bars

Do you need ramps or safety bars to make your home more handicapped-accessible? Our craftsmen are experienced and skilled with accessibility features. We will help you every step of the way, from pulling building permits to seeing if Medicare will cover some or all of the cost.


Installation of Household Appliances

Choosing new appliances is always exciting, but then comes the stress of getting them installed correctly. You can avoid this tasking work by giving us a call. Our handymen have installed a wide variety of appliances, and they never leave a mess behind when they’re finished. Let us do the work so you don’t have to!


1st Choice is the Right Choice

If anything in your home needs to be repaired or replaced, or if you want to swap out the old for something new, call us today! Our handymen always treat you and your home with the utmost respect, and they will provide a free estimate for the work you want done.

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